Advanced Planning

The Smith Companies Advanced Planning Group helps advisors enhance their offerings in the areas of estate planning, compensation planning, and business continuation planning. We have a wealth of experience working with high-net-worth individuals to properly integrate life insurance into their overall estate, business, or financial plan design.

We believe in finding the appropriate solution based on each client’s individual circumstances. Our selection of proprietary models allow the advisor, the client, and their legal and tax consultants to see the benefits or shortfalls of a particular technique. We develop and customize solutions on a case-by-case basis. With expertise in profiling and marketing to complement our technical strength, we help advisors identify and evaluate sophisticated planning opportunities, with an eye toward finding premium dollars from outside assets.

From back-office support to communication with our valued advisors, their clients, and the clients’ trusted legal and tax consultants, our team works seamlessly and professionally with multiple players. We attend to you and your clients with a dynamic combination of niche expertise and concierge-level service. Get to know who we are.

Do you represent business owners? We are proud to offer a customized analysis of business saleability. To access our one-of-a-kind platform, complete the following Business Saleability Questionnaire or Short Form Specific Risk Factors Input Form.

Perhaps your clients are interested in traditional estate planning strategies with life insurance? Take a look at our fact-finding questionnaire.

Or maybe your clients have concerns about retirement. We have an input form available for retirement income needs and analysis.

Our knowledge runs deep

Our Advanced Planning team is among the most experienced in the industry. On behalf of our clients, we offer a team of specialists to provide: